Nissan Stagea has much influence of the Nissan Skylineon its style and performance. Also referred as Skyline wagon Nissan Stagea is such a giving vehicle in the station wagon range of the world. There have been three basic series and so many trim of engines in each series. The range of engine trims was ensuring to suit the needs of each region. Image

Below we will try to cover all the important specifications from each series. We hope that in the end we will be able to conclude that Nissan Elgrand for sale is offering value.

Series 1 WC34:

The best factor about the series is that they do not sustain for longer periods. So after each new sedan in the series is introduced the old valuable version available in the used car markets which is a great opening for so many.

In Nissan Elgrand Series 1, the manufacturer introduced a beautiful and bright looking station wagon to serve consumers. The exterior of the wagon have attraction appeal from each side. One look on this car defines perfectly the room available in the interiors.

The engine trims available in Nissan Elgrand Series one is:

– 2.0L with output of 153hp
– 2.5L with output of 231hp
– 2.6L with output of 276hp

All the engines are turbo chargeable and the driving options allowed were 2WD and 4WD. The 4WD offered more of Skyline drive feel which is an admirable factor for drivers for a low price. The Nissan Stagea for sale will allow transmission of auto 4-speed and manual 5-speed.

Series 2 WC34:

In 1998, the second series was introduced in which the exterior of the car looked almost same except there were a few minor changes visible. This time the grill was sectioned into two parts. Beside the grille the headlights of the car were slightly retouched as well.

The engine trim capacities were not moved even a little. Except, there were a few new techniques used like NEO and a Tiptronic auto transmission. The tiptronic improvement in the transmission added much more value to the performance of the car.

Series 3 M35:

This time the Nissan’s station wagon received more changes in its interiors and exteriors. The car was a mix of sedans and a station wagon as the rear seats were reasonably trimmed that valuably increased the cargo space of Nissan Elgrand Series 3. The length of the car remained same. The headlight and taillight design was changed too. The taillights of the wagon received impressive styling which allowed the lights to head upward which was an unconventional touch in the taillights until then.

Like its exterior styling the scene under the bonnet was developed into modern l6 and V6 engines. On roads this showy car never let the driver to lose his interest. The car is intact with all the safety measures like dual airbags and anti-lock brake system. The wish of a station wagon for anyone in the world should not remain unaccomplished for anyone in the world due to reasonable prices that are its price tag.